Recommended Film: Looking For Richard

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Recommended Film: Looking For Richard

Pursuing the Role

In 1996, Al Pacino released a passion project that he worked on for several years: a documentary that chronicles his exploration as an actor of Shakespeare’s “Richard III”. The film includes on the street interviews with ordinary people as well as scholars. Pacino also reveals the rehearsal process and later filmed staged versions of selections from the play with a handful of well known actors.

To Be An Actor

I love to go back to this film for inspiration because of Pacino‘s curiosity and passion. Every actor needs to possess and nurture these qualities. We witness first hand Pacino’s creative process when faced with the herculean task of embodying a complex character such as Richard III. Exploring a new character is both a joy and a privilege. We walk through this exploration along with Pacino. He grapples with questions about the character, not with the need to get the right answer, but with the genuine passion of an artist.


The first thing I took away from this film is that, as actors, we must have respect for our characters. They live and breathe through us, and if we are to truly embody them, we have to have unwavering curiosity and empathy as we ask the questions about what makes the character tick. My second takeaway is about the magic of Shakespeare, and that his work is just as relevant in modern times as it was over 400 years ago. What are your main takeaways from this film?

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