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Right and Wrong

There Is No Right and Wrong

There is no such thing as right and wrong in art. So called modern art is about breaking the rules, a rejecting of what came before, innovation and experimentation with form. This holds true in all of the fine arts. In a collaborative art such as acting, when an actor approaches a role, they mine the clues provided by the playwright or screenwriter, and engage in the process of breathing life into the character. While digesting the power of the words and the stage directions written on the page, it is common for the actor to doubt their interpretation of the writer’s material.

How do You Know

As a coach, and as an actor, I’ve asked and heard the question many times: “How do I know if my choices are right?” The best answer is: “You don’t.” The only thing you can do is commit to them, make them yours, and share them with all your might. If the casting director or director doesn’t agree with your choice, they will happily give an adjustment, only after experiencing your passion and your artistry. Our worries about right and wrong can often block our faith in the creative process.

Harold Clurman

One of the great American theater directors of the 20th Century, Harold Clurman said, “The actor and director generally take the playwright’s instructions as a clue to something the playwright is seeking to express. They often find that to express most effectively what the playwright had in mind they have to employ quite different means than those which the playwright has suggested. In a sense the playwright’s text disappears the moment it reaches the stage, because on the stage it becomes part of an action, every element of which is as pertinent to its meaning as the text itself.” This is such an incredible point, and I take this to mean, the playwright cannot live without the actor, and vice versa. Therefore, make your choices, and stick with them!

All my best,

Greg Braun

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